Our advantages

    Despite the youth of our company, its employees have wide experience in the development and implementation of projects of diferent complexity. We are capable to design and implement a project of any complexity on a turn-key.
    We do not limit our activities to technologies of a particular manufacturer, which allows us to achieve the greatest flexibility in searching for technological and design solutions that can satisfy the most unusual and complex requirements. Our engineers have the opportunity to combine products of different manufacturers, but among them we distinguish those with whom we are ready to establish strategic partnership relations. 
    We use only time-proved materials and components with quality guarantee certified in accordance with international quality standards. The company employees continuously improve their skills by advanced trainings.
    In agriculture, time is the most important parameter adding on to the success of the enterprise. We understand it and appreciate our customer’s time. The speed of the project implementation and adherence to the scheduled deadlines are our priorities.
    In close cooperation with our partners from Europe, Israel and the United States, we provide our customers with high-tech innovative solutions that make their operation truly convenient, efficient and environmentally safe. 
    Thanks to partner relations with the largest manufacturers, we can offer our customers a wide range of materials and components at special prices.
    In providing a customer service, we practice an individual approach, looking for the most convenient and beneficial terms of cooperation.
    Purchasing of equipment is a business decision that sometimes requires tangible financial investments. The company SMART AGRO can offer its customers payment for the equipment in installments or on credit.


With its headquarters located in Washington, NELSON is proud that all of its products are designed and manufactured in the US.  And the company has many things to be proud of. NELSON is a laureate of numerous international quality awards. Today NELSON Irrigation manufactures irrigation sprinklers, pressure regulators for wide-coverage sprinkling machines, sprinkler regulators, pivot machine spare parts and pivot machines (wide-coverage rotating sprinkling machines).

SMART AGRO is an official partner of Nelson in Azerbaijan

The Israeli company NETAFIM is a world-recognized leader in the sectors of drip irrigation and high-productivity greenhouse farming. In fact, the company pioneered both of those sectors. The world's first external dripper appeared owing to the efforts of the company's engineers in 1965. Due to a half -century of continuous research and hard work, today NETAFIM has an enormous knowledge base on all existing types of soil and agricultural crops. Actually, the company has representative offices on all continents, which is its unique advantage. Hundreds of agronomists from around the world participate in the scientific research activities of the company, helping to develop and implement new, even more effective technologies in the field of drip irrigation and greenhouses.

SMART AGRO is an official partner of Netafim in Azerbaijan in the field of irrigation systems and greenhouses.

RKD IRRIGACIÓN is a member of the Association of Irrigation Systems Manufacturers in Spain. The company has been involved in irrigation systems since 1962 and, over these years, has taken pride of place among the top three European manufacturers of irrigation systems. Many experts state that the sprinkling machines developed by RKD are of the highest class as these machines ensure safer, more reliable and efficient operation in combination with ease of use. RKD IRRIGACIÓN obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2003.

SMART AGRO is an official partner of RKD in Azerbaijan.

T-L Irrigation Co. is an American manufacturer of irrigation systems with an incredibly rich history. The company was founded in 1955 in Nebraska by an inventor-farmer. The following year the company managed to implement installing more than 450 kilometers of irrigation systems. The company developed very rapidly. Ten years later, T-L Irrigation Co. was already manufacturing aluminum pipes for irrigation systems, grain dryers, valves, loading machines and feed mixers. And in 1969 the first self-propelled sprinkling machine was developed and put into line production. For almost 50 years, the company has been manufacturing wide-coverage sprinkling machines of all types (rotating, corner, linear) meeting the highest standards. Furthermore, it is often the case that these standards are set by the innovative ideas of the engineers of T-L Irrigation Co.

SMART AGRO is an official partner of T-L Irrigation Co. in Azerbaijan.

OCMIS IRRIGAZIONE, Italy – is the world leader in the production of hose-reel irrigation machines, as well as the leading manufacturer of a wide-coverage sprinkling machines.

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