Our advantages

    Despite the youth of our company, its employees have wide experience in the development and implementation of projects of diferent complexity. We are capable to design and implement a project of any complexity on a turn-key.
    We do not limit our activities to technologies of a particular manufacturer, which allows us to achieve the greatest flexibility in searching for technological and design solutions that can satisfy the most unusual and complex requirements. Our engineers have the opportunity to combine products of different manufacturers, but among them we distinguish those with whom we are ready to establish strategic partnership relations. 
    We use only time-proved materials and components with quality guarantee certified in accordance with international quality standards. The company employees continuously improve their skills by advanced trainings.
    In agriculture, time is the most important parameter adding on to the success of the enterprise. We understand it and appreciate our customer’s time. The speed of the project implementation and adherence to the scheduled deadlines are our priorities.
    In close cooperation with our partners from Europe, Israel and the United States, we provide our customers with high-tech innovative solutions that make their operation truly convenient, efficient and environmentally safe. 
    Thanks to partner relations with the largest manufacturers, we can offer our customers a wide range of materials and components at special prices.
    In providing a customer service, we practice an individual approach, looking for the most convenient and beneficial terms of cooperation.
    Purchasing of equipment is a business decision that sometimes requires tangible financial investments. The company SMART AGRO can offer its customers payment for the equipment in installments or on credit.


Greenhouses are a very widespread type of business in Azerbaijan. Since a long time ago, residents of Baku villages and some regions of the country have grown various agricultural crops in hotbeds. However, in the past few years, greenhouse business has also been rapidly developing in the country. Let's briefly define the difference between a hotbed and a greenhouse.
Thus, a small construction with a light frame and a covering, in most cases without a foundation and a heating system, is called a hotbed. Hotbeds are designed for growing seedlings, which are then transplanted into the open ground. The heating of plants is mainly achieved due to the hotbed effect. Sometimes, emergency heating is applied by using wood or other stoves during sudden frosts.
Unlike hotbeds, the greenhouse is a stable large construction designed to protect plants throughout the whole cycle of their growth. The availability of a foundation, powerful frame and cladding, which can withstand the impacts of bad weather, as well as a heating system are typical features of a greenhouse. Greenhouses enable to increase the rate of growth and maturation of crops by creating a microclimate close to ideal. In greenhouses the harvest can be gathered all year round.

Greenhouse cladding
The economic effect of the greenhouse as well as the yield of the crops being cultivated largely depends on the quality of maintenance. However, we should not neglect such an important parameter as sunlight. And then a question arises - what type of greenhouse cladding should be selected? At the moment, there are many solutions on the market that can be conditionally divided into three types of greenhouse cladding: film cladding, glass cladding and polycarbonate cladding.
Film is the most affordable type of cladding. There are four types of film. The only advantage of standard polyethylene, polyvinylchloride and reinforced films is their cheapness. However, there is one more category of films that has undoubted advantages and can bear comparison even with a glass cladding - durable film. It is specially designed for hotbeds and greenhouses and is distinguished by increased heat retention, light stabilization and other important features.

Glass is the second most common material for greenhouse cladding. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies operating in Azerbaijan apply conventional glass for greenhouse cladding, whereas special glass has long been used in Europe for this purpose.
 Conventional glass is not an acceptable option, because it is too brittle, lets ultraviolet light through and has stricter structural requirements. Unlike conventional glass, innovative glass is covered with special compounds that protect plants from ultraviolet radiation. It dissipates the sun's rays, keeps the heat perfectly, is resistant to chemicals and, most importantly, is capable of resisting aggressive natural conditions such as heavy snowfall or even hail.
Finally, polycarbonate is the third option for a greenhouse. Although polycarbonate was synthesized a long time ago, it has been widely used in industry relatively recently and immediately won great popularity. Today, polycarbonate is used for the production of a large number of products for multiple purposes, from helmets to greenhouse cladding. Polycarbonate is a lightweight, durable, strong and flexible material. Also, UV stabilized polycarbonate can block ultraviolet light.
SMART AGRO offers its customers such solutions that are based on all three types of cladding.

Construction of greenhouses
With the right choice of a market niche and a professional approach to constructing greenhouses, greenhouse business can be highly profitable. SMART AGRO would be pleased to help you solve this second issue. We offer complex solutions from our partners, to investors who intend to invest in the greenhouse business. These solutions include:
- Greenhouse design and installation from the scratch
- Heating system for greenhouses
- Greenhouse management system
- Greenhouse irrigation system
- Fertilizer dosing system for greenhouses
- Recycling of used water
- Additional equipment for greenhouses
- Agronomic support
Through cooperation with SMART AGRO, you will receive qualified assistance at every stage of the construction of your greenhouse. Be it a ready-made greenhouse farm that needs optimization, or just an idea on your agenda. In fact, the ideal option for you would be to contact SMART AGRO at this stage - the stage of decision-making. By doing so, you could save a lot of time, energy and money.

Taking into account the market situation, our experts will offer you the most promising crops for the region where your land parcel is located. By calculating the usable area of ​​your land parcel, we will offer you the most profit-making scope for your greenhouse business. By considering all possible force majors of this area, we will determine the required depth of the foundation as well as the required strength of the frame structure and cladding. Subsequently, we will design and install all the systems necessary for safe and efficient operation. In addition to the above, SMART AGRO also offers services in the designing and installation of monitoring systems for greenhouses, security and communication systems, automation systems, as well as semi-autonomous or autonomous power systems.
Our greenhouses, being suitable for different climatic conditions and meeting international standards, will give an excellent start to your business. If you already have a greenhouse business and you are thinking about its renovation, we have a good offer for you. Having familiarized on the spot with the existing problems and shortcomings, our experts will prepare for you an individual plan for the renovation and improvement of your greenhouse farm.
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