Our advantages

    Despite the youth of our company, its employees have wide experience in the development and implementation of projects of diferent complexity. We are capable to design and implement a project of any complexity on a turn-key.
    We do not limit our activities to technologies of a particular manufacturer, which allows us to achieve the greatest flexibility in searching for technological and design solutions that can satisfy the most unusual and complex requirements. Our engineers have the opportunity to combine products of different manufacturers, but among them we distinguish those with whom we are ready to establish strategic partnership relations. 
    We use only time-proved materials and components with quality guarantee certified in accordance with international quality standards. The company employees continuously improve their skills by advanced trainings.
    In agriculture, time is the most important parameter adding on to the success of the enterprise. We understand it and appreciate our customer’s time. The speed of the project implementation and adherence to the scheduled deadlines are our priorities.
    In close cooperation with our partners from Europe, Israel and the United States, we provide our customers with high-tech innovative solutions that make their operation truly convenient, efficient and environmentally safe. 
    Thanks to partner relations with the largest manufacturers, we can offer our customers a wide range of materials and components at special prices.
    In providing a customer service, we practice an individual approach, looking for the most convenient and beneficial terms of cooperation.
    Purchasing of equipment is a business decision that sometimes requires tangible financial investments. The company SMART AGRO can offer its customers payment for the equipment in installments or on credit.


Once you have selected an irrigation system (wide-coverage sprinkling machines, sprinkler or drip irrigation systems), determined the capacity of the pumping station required for your project, it is time to solve the next issue - the selection of a filtration unit for your irrigation system.
Irrigation systems may include desirable, recommended and mandatory elements. The filter units are related to the last type. It is through quality filters that your well-functioning irrigation system can work durably and efficiently. If all other components of the system are set up correctly and precisely, the success of further operation depends on two things - the human factor and filtration units. The point is that the use of low-quality filters or even their absence (surprisingly, this can also happen) very soon results in the clogging of system components with various impurities. And this may cause a complete failure of the irrigation system.
SMART AGRO represents European companies in Azerbaijan, which have proved themselves as reliable manufacturers of filtration systems. The product range offered by SMART AGRO is quite broad and allows you to select a water treatment system in compliance with a variety of requirements. Depending on the climatic features of the country’s region, water intake source, chemical composition of water and potential incidents of force majeure, we offer the following types of filters for irrigation systems:
  • Gravel-sand bed filters
  • Hydraulic cyclones (sand traps)
  • Screen filter
  • Disc filter.
Gravel-sand bed filters
This is the simplest (apart from screen filters), the most understandable and the oldest way of filtering. Mankind has been using it since time immemorial. Not for watering agricultural lands, but for cleaning drinking water. The operation principle of the filter imitates nature - water passes through sand and gravel. Gravel functions as a frame and sand as a filter pack. At the outlet, we obtain a good quality filtrate which does not contain conspicuous impurities and is suitable for irrigation.
At the present day, using gravel-sand bed filters is, perhaps, the most reliable and acceptable filtration method for most irrigation systems. SMART AGRO offer its customers this type of filters for both low and high speed filtration.
Hydraulic cyclone (sand trap)
In contrast to gravel-sand and screen filters, the next type of filters is a technological solution to the problem of purifying water from impurities. A hydraulic cyclone uses centrifugal force for the purification of water (from the Greek ὕδωρ - water and κυκλῶν - rotating). Briefly speaking, the core of the process can be described as follows: water is supplied to the body of the unit and, then, is accelerated along a spiral. Water separates from impurities under the impact of centrifugal force. Impurities are discharged through one hole, water through another. The main advantage of hydraulic cyclones is their cleaning rate. As far as the quality of cleaning is concerned, you should consult with an expert prior to installing this type of filter. In some cases, the use of hydraulic cyclones is not practical.
Screen filters
If the water in the intake source abounds in large-size inclusions -whether are permanent or emerge as a result of heavy rains, mudflows, landslides and floods - they can damage the filtration system. Therefore, it is necessary to pass that water through a pre-filter. Mesh or lattice filters are applied as pre-filters. These filters are called coarse filters.
Screen filters differ in several parameters but their flushing method is most significant and can be manual or automatic.
Coarse water filters include mesh pressure filters with automatic or manual flushing. SMART AGRO offers its customers filters of both types.
Disc filter
Nowadays, disk filters for water purification represent the most advanced technological solution. Despite the comparative novelty of the method, it has already proved itself as an extremely energy-efficient, reliable and, practically speaking, flawless method of purification. The operating principle of the disk filter is to supply water under pressure to a set of special polypropylene disks positioned so as to create cavities and traps for trapping and retaining foreign particles.
Disc filters differ from gravel-sand bed filters, screen filters and hydraulic cyclones in that they combine high cleaning rate with excellent quality, corrosion resistance, resistance to chemically aggressive substances and increased pressure, and, in addition, have the function of self-cleaning .
Nowadays, disk filters are used in a wide variety of industries and in tens of thousands of enterprises around the world. SMART AGRO is pleased to offer its customers the most advanced filtration units from a European manufacturer. Our filters will ensure a long-term uninterrupted operation of your irrigation system.
How to select a filter for your irrigation system?
As you already know, filtering units are a very important component of an irrigation system. Therefore, it is preferable to select filters for your irrigation system with the help of experts. The main point is that, prior to purchasing and installing the filters, the following parameters should be carefully studied:
- Level of water pollution in normal mode
- Seasonal dynamics of water pollution
- Risks of force majeure (mudflows, heavy rain, flood, landslide, etc.)
- Required cleaning rate
- Required level of purification
- Chemical composition of water (in some cases additional filters are required)
- Method of water supply to the filtration unit
Providing that the answers to all these questions are given, one can start analyzing the appropriate options in order to choose the most suitable one in terms of quality and price. On our part, we are pleased to assure you that all our recommendations for the installation of a particular filter are always based on a scientific approach and indisputable rationale.
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