Spare parts warehouse


The key to obtaining a quality result is the stable and continuous operation of the irrigation system. Sometimes system breakdowns occur, and then you need to replace some parts and make quick and high-quality repairs. SmartAgro offers a range of services to provide the necessary spare parts with full technical support. We recommend that you use the “Your Warehouse” service of the necessary spare parts for your irrigation system. 

"Your Warehouse" service include:

Guaranteed receipt of “your equipment” from our warehouse

Official warranty on equipment from the manufacturer


Replacement by qualified engineers (if necessary)


In order for you to be able to timely purchase the components you need during the season without overpaying, without the additional expense associated with their storage, without the risk of damage or loss, we offer you the service “Your Warehouse”.

You select the required number of regularly replaced or potentially necessary spare parts and for a small fee per year, you get a guarantee of confidence in the availability of necessary parts. In addition, you get the necessary components at a discount from the price list in the shortest possible time. Also, you get a warranty for equipment from the manufacturer and expert advice on replacement. If necessary, you can use the services of our specialists.


For example, you have a garden of 50 hectares. During the season, you regularly purchase additional necessary spare parts.

Using the service "Your Warehouse", you select the parts you need in the right quantity.

For example, you have chosen goods cost 1,000 AZN.

Your annual payment is 30 AZN (subscription fee) and 70 AZN (7% of the amount of the selected product).

Total 100 AZN per year.

For 100 AZN per year, you get the opportunity to purchase goods urgently from "Your warehouse" at a special discount price. In addition, becoming our client, you get the opportunity to purchase any product or services with special discounts.

Service cost:

Subscription fee 30 AZN per year

7% (of the cost of selected components) per year

Your advantage

You get special discounts on the purchase of equipment and other services.



You get:

Risk reduction

Cost optimization

Minimize costs

Quick feedback

Qualified Technical Support



Service "Spare parts warehouse"

Supply of components from our stock in Baku

Delivery of spare parts by reservation

Service "Call a specialist"

The cost of the service varies depending on the location of the site, its size and complexity of the system.