Automation systems

Automation systems


Today, agricultiral and greenhouse farms are on a new step of development, on the threshold of the Green Revolution.

Using of technology and innovation will lead to rise in productivity on a scale that humanity has not seen even at the time of starting use of tractors, the invention of herbicides and genetically modified seeds.

Smart Control

Your agricultural business depends on the quality of all systems and processes, from the choice of a land and its cultivating, irrigation, the right microclimate.

Our company offers solutions, equipment and software for managing the irrigation process and climate for your gardens, fields and greenhouse complexes. Ultra-precise and reliable sensors monitor the condition of the soil, weather, crop, environmental conditions and hydraulics, in real time inform you about your field conditions. NetBeat ™ based sensors give you an unprecedented opportunity to optimize your irrigation process and therefore yield while saving resources.

We'll install necessery equipment and set up a system that will irrigate, fertilize, temperature control and etc., according to the parameters set by the agronomist. We partner with world leaders in the industry, Netafim and Priva.