Greenhouse systems

Greenhouse systems


Greenhouse business is a very popular in our country. You can harvest several times a year using greenhouses.

The greenhouse complex is a large-area structure designed to protect plants throughout the entire growth cycle. It creates a microclimate close to ideal, which increases the growth rate and maturation of the culture.

The presence of the foundation makes greenhouses strong structures. The powerful frame is able to withstand the impact of the weather. In addition, greenhouses are equipped with heating systems.

Greenhouse coating

There are many solutions of covering on the market: coating with a polyethylene film, glass or polycarbonate. It is also possible to combine materials, for example, to make a greenhouse with polycarbonate sidewalls and a polyethylene film roof.


We offer investors who wish to invest in the greenhouse business integrated solutions from our partner, the world famous company Netafim. The company's specialists will develop a greenhouse complex project taking into account your wishes and all the necessary criteria.

Netafim's greenhouse solutions and services include the optimal approach and the latest technologies:

 - design;

- land and construction work;

- installation and launch of engineering systems;

- heating, ventilation;

- irrigation and dosing system of fertilizers;

- system of water purification and its reuse;

- fogging system;

- shuttering, phyto-lighting;

- climate and watering control system;

- agronomic support and training

and other additional equipment.

You will receive professional assistance at any stage of creating your greenhouse. It does not matter if it is just an idea, or a ready-made greenhouse farm in need of optimization.

SmartAgro can offer design and installation of monitoring systems for greenhouse complexes, security and communications systems, automation systems, as well as semi-autonomous or autonomous power systems.

Our greenhouses, suitable for a variety of climatic conditions and meeting international standards, will set an excellent start for your business.

If you already have a greenhouse, business and you are thinking about improving it and its efficiency, then our specialists ready to help with this.