Phyto lighting

Phyto lighting


Additional lighting in agriculture has been use for a long time. Over time and the advent of innovative solutions, LED technology has come to the aid of farmers.

Photosynthesis is the basis of the life of any plant. The main “engine” of photosynthesis is light. However, the light can be different, and not every light can cause photosynthesis in plants. For millions of years, plants have adapted to sunlight, and this is the best source of photosynthesis.

The phytolamp is a special light source that can trigger the process of photosynthesis in plants. It is capable of emitting a spectrum of light to which plants are accustomed, receiving it in a natural environment. LED phyto-lighting become more and more popular. They are preferable to other types of lighting devices for the following reasons:

- do not require special conditions for maintenance and operation;

- have a long service life of more than 10 years;

- emit less heat;

-  select depending on the type of plants;

- consume 40% less electricity with the same level of useful radiation.

In our region, the use of phyto-lighting gives a yield increase, for example, to vegetable crops. Using phytolamps in floriculture also contributes to excellent results. LED luminaires can complement or replace natural lighting, providing lighting precisely in the spectrum and intensity that plants need. Phyto-lighting can be installe not only above plants, but also between them.

It is important correctly, design the phyto-lighting system, and our experts will help you with this. Precisely tuned lighting stabilizes and improves the quality of plants, increasing productivity even in the winter months. Energy-efficient lamps significantly reduce the load on the electrical system and operating costs.

Philips Signify products that we can offer you have been use for lighting for growing crops for more than 75 years. We can design an individual and scientifically based solution specifically for you.