Pumping and filter stations

Pumping and filter stations


As you know, water is life, and pure water is longevity. You have chosen the irrigation system that suits you. But how do you make it durable and high quality? There are special pumping and filtering stations for that.

Filtration is necessary in the irrigation system. Thanks to filters quality that your well-established irrigation system will be able to work long and efficiently. If all other components of the system are set up correctly and clearly, the fate of further operation will depend on two things - the human factor and filtering units. Poor quality filters or even their absence will very soon lead to the clogging of droplets with all kinds of garbage. 

We can help you select a water treatment system to meet a wide variety of requirements. When selecting filters for an irrigation system, we take into account the water intake sources. It can be a river, a canal, an artesian well, etc.

SmartAgro represents the world's leading companies in Azerbaijan that have established themselves as reliable manufacturers of filtration systems.

We offer:

- media filters - sand and gravel backfill filters;

- hydrocyclones filters;

- screen filters;

- disk filters.

Media filter - gravel filter

It is the oldest, easiest and clearest way to filter. Humanity has used it since time immemorial to purify drinking water.The filtering principle is suggested by nature itself - water is passed through sand and gravel. Today, backfill gravel and sand filters are the most reliable and acceptable filtration method for most irrigation systems.

Screen filter

The water you use for irrigation may be too dirty because of heavy rains, landslides and mudflows and disable the filtration system. That is why it is necessary to pass it through a pre-filter. As such filters, mesh or mesh filters are used. Strainers differ in several ways, but the washing method is essential - manual or automatic.

Hydrocyclone filter

The next type of filters, in contrast to media filters, is a technological solution to the problem of cleaning water from impurities. Centrifugal force use to purify water in a hydro cyclone.

Water run to the unit body, which accelerates in a spiral. Under the influence of centrifugal force, water separate from sand and large particles. Impurities discharge through the drainage hole, and water supply to the system for further processing.

The main advantage of hydrocyclones is the speed of cleaning. As for the quality of cleaning, before installing this type of filter should consult with a specialist.

Disc filter

The most advanced technological solution - disk filters. This method has been used recently, but it has already established itself as a very effective, reliable and almost flawless cleaning method.

Water come under pressure to a stack of special high-strength plastic discs arranged to create cavities and traps for trapping and holding foreign particles.

Disc filters differ from the rest in that they combine high cleaning speed with excellent quality, and do not corrode. They are resistant to chemically aggressive substances, high blood pressure and have the function of self-cleaning.

SmartAgro is pleased to provide its customers with the most advanced water purification methods from leading manufacturers. Our filters will guarantee many years of trouble-free operation of your irrigation system.

How to choose a filter for the irrigation system?

Filtration units are a very important component of the irrigation system. Therefore, it is advisable to choose filters with the help of specialists. Before buying and installing filters, you need to know the following parameters:

- What is the level of water pollution?

- What is the seasonal dynamics of water pollution?

- What are the risks of force majeure (mudflow, rainfall, floods, landslide, etc.);

- What is the required volume of filtered water?

- What is the required level of cleaning?

- What is the chemical composition of water (in some cases, additional filters are required);

- How is water deliver to the filtration unit?

After that, you can begin to analyze suitable options in order to choose the most optimal one, both in quality and price.

Pumping Station

Another important element of the irrigation system is the pumping station. If you save money on pumping station, it will later affect the entire irrigation system operation.

Incorrect pumping station selection will result in lower productivity and financial losses. That is why you need to choose proven and reliable products. In addition, it is necessary to ensure uninterrupted and stable power supply for the pumping station. 

SmartAgro offers its customers two types of pumping stations - electric and diesel. We recommend the use of electric pumping stations when possible, as they are much more economical.

Nevertheless, we are ready to offer diesel motor pumps of different power, suitable for any task. As diesel-pumping stations offer some mobility, we try to provide water from the various sources available near the site.

We also offer various types of solar pumping stations. This solution is ideal for filling water reservoirs.

All our recommendations base on a scientific approach and practice. We work with manufacturers such as Lowara, Pedrollo, Scova, etc.