Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation


Plants need to rest from the sun heat and get enough water. Sprinklers - special devices that spray water, enveloping the plants with soft coolness.

Sprinklers designed to fight with fires. Only a few years later they patented a sprinkler system for irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation systems have become popular in a very short time due to their efficient. They use in gardens, greenhouses, fields and lawns.

This method of irrigation increases the air humidity directly above the plants, reduces the temperature and moistens the soil. Lowering the temperature of the earth prevents plants from overheating.

At the same time, it is possible to protect plants during frosts with sprinklers.

What to look for

If the volume of the harvest, the health of your plantings and crops, the productivity of the soil is important to you, then you need to approach the installation of sprinklers very correctly. There are many types of sprinklers and you need to choose exactly those that are suitable in your situation.

During choosing sprinklers, you need to consider many parameters. You do not need any extra financial costs, and your plants - a destructive excess of moisture.

With competent and proper design, taking into account the characteristics of the climate, soil, the needs of crops grown, sprinkler irrigation systems will serve you for many years.

What do we offer?

SmartAgro provides design and installation services for sprinkler irrigation systems. We will offer you both solutions for gardens, fields and other agricultural land, as well as turnkey solutions for parks, stadiums, golf courses, etc. In our work, we use components from our partners - leading world manufacturers such as Netafim (Israel), Nelson (USA), and this quality is time-tested.

When designing an irrigation system, our specialists pay great attention to optimizing costs. If the decision is financially justified, we suggest using a method of combining various irrigation systems. In some cases, with an inconvenient terrain, wide-angle machines are not able to cover the entire area of ​​the site. In such cases, sprinkler or drip irrigation is additionally used.