Sprinkler machines

Sprinkler machines


Without water, both wheat and corn will die. These crops grow well when there is enough moisture in the ground to form the root system. Without irrigation, grapes and cotton will die, because even these crops that grow in difficult conditions need right irrigation.

What to do when it needs rain at a specific time? In this case, irrigation machines come to help farmers. This is the same rain on request - at the right time and in the right amount.

Pivot irrigation systems are self-propelled installations that are in the field for the entire period of operation and cover large areas of the sown area for irrigation.

Sprinkling machines do not require large labor resources. Installation is easy to manage. System setup and start-up in a short time.

There are also great opportunities for automating the process - and this saves time and resources. Sprinkler machines perfectly distribute and save water. Pivot and linear irrigation machines use mainly on flat fields or with a slight slope.

Three helpers

There are three types of wide sprinkler machines: circular machines, angle machines, and front type machines.

If the micro relief and the structure of the land permit, irrigation specialists usually recommend the installation of sprinkling machines of circular action (Pivot). Watering systems of this type are use in large fields with an area of ​​several tens and hundreds of hectares. These irrigation systems have proven their effectiveness. They do not require large labor costs, have a stable design and are characterize by a long service life.

Circular watering machines can be either stationary (with a fixed center) or moving (towed).

The principle of operation of an angular irrigation machine is similar to the principle of operation of a Pivot type machine. The only difference is that the angle irrigation machine is able to go around obstacles and corners.

The front sprinkler system or, as it is also called, a linear machine is used on large rectangular sections. In such fields, a circular machine cannot cover the entire irrigation area due to design features.

When installing the system, it is necessary to solve three important problems: to provide accurate guidance for the movement of the machine in a straight line; provide uninterrupted water supply; provide electricity supply.

Wide - coverage sprinkler machines are use in the cultivation of both cereals and vegetables, and fruit and berry crop and, of course, they are usually use industrial crops.

The drumbeat!

Hose reel irrigation machines have been recognized and widely used last years. Their design, technical characteristics are simple and understandable, at the same time they have the ability to improve with innovative developments and materials. Today hose reel irrigation machines are a simple and effective irrigation method. Hose reel irrigation machines are excellent for fields and small areas up to 20 ha.

The main qualities of Hose reel irrigation machines are mobility, versatility, multi functionality and ease to use. In addition, the design of irrigation machines work long time and does not require large maintenance costs.

Our advantage

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