Our advantages

    Despite the youth of our company, its employees have wide experience in the development and implementation of projects of diferent complexity. We are capable to design and implement a project of any complexity on a turn-key.
    We do not limit our activities to technologies of a particular manufacturer, which allows us to achieve the greatest flexibility in searching for technological and design solutions that can satisfy the most unusual and complex requirements. Our engineers have the opportunity to combine products of different manufacturers, but among them we distinguish those with whom we are ready to establish strategic partnership relations. 
    We use only time-proved materials and components with quality guarantee certified in accordance with international quality standards. The company employees continuously improve their skills by advanced trainings.
    In agriculture, time is the most important parameter adding on to the success of the enterprise. We understand it and appreciate our customer’s time. The speed of the project implementation and adherence to the scheduled deadlines are our priorities.
    In close cooperation with our partners from Europe, Israel and the United States, we provide our customers with high-tech innovative solutions that make their operation truly convenient, efficient and environmentally safe. 
    Thanks to partner relations with the largest manufacturers, we can offer our customers a wide range of materials and components at special prices.
    In providing a customer service, we practice an individual approach, looking for the most convenient and beneficial terms of cooperation.
    Purchasing of equipment is a business decision that sometimes requires tangible financial investments. The company SMART AGRO can offer its customers payment for the equipment in installments or on credit.


A frontal-type sprinkling system, or, as it is also called, a linear move machine is used in large areas of rectangular (square) shape. On such fields, a rotating machine (Pivot) cannot cover the whole area of ​​irrigation due to its design features.
When installing a linear move irrigation machine it is necessary to solve three important issues: provide precise guidance for the movement of the machine along a straight line; ensure uninterrupted water supply; provide electricity supply.
Depending on various parameters, our experts recommend to provide guidance by using a furrow, wire rope, buried cable or GPS. Water can be supplied by means of hoses. However, if there is a channel available near the land parcel that is parallel to the path of the linear move machine, this will make things easier. The issue of supplying electricity is also easy to solve if there is a power grid in close proximity. In the absence of such facilities, our experts recommend the use of generators.


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