Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation


There are nine climatic zones in our country, but most of Azerbaijan has a climate of semi-deserts and dry steppes with mild winters and dry hot summers.

Which conditions do not allow you to grow a rich harvest? For a case that we offer a drip irrigation system.

This system invented at the end of the nineteenth century, and it is very popular in Israel, which is located in the Arabian Desert - one of the hottest and driest places on the planet. Drip irrigation became widespread throughout the world. This method is also use in our country.

How does it work?

Drip irrigation allows you to supply water in small doses directly to the root zone of plants. Water is automatically supplies in exactly amount needed to water a particular type of crop. Drop by drop.

At the same time, drip irrigation does not depend on the topography of your field or garden. It does not matter if there are hills or pits on the site - all plants receive same amounts of water.

So, drop by drop, the desert turns into a blooming garden.

Features of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation keeps the right amount of moisture in the root zone throughout the day. With the drip irrigation system, an important feature is the positive effect on soil aeration. This means that the earth breathes and is saturate with oxygen. Oxygen affects to root system of the plant. Roots are actively developing and growing. This allows you to intensively absorbed moisture and nutrients, as a result of which the growth of plants occurs, which affects the crop yield.

Another plus of the drip irrigation system is that the plants get sick less. The chemicals that process them are not washed off the leaves when watering. In addition, the risk of soil erosion is very small, that is, the earth is not subject to destruction by water and wind.

The flexibility of this system allows you to operate and hilly areas, and areas with pits and depressions.

Since irrigation is carried out precisely in the root zone and only in the amount that is needed, there is a significant saving of both labor and water resources. The system is extremely stable and unpretentious in operation.

Drip irrigation use for watering trees, vegetables, landscape plantings, both in open spaces and in greenhouses.

There are two types of drip irrigation: underground and on ground. In the first case, droppers are lay at a depth of 10 to 40 cm, in the second; they are lay along the rows of planting. In some cases, for example, in intensive orchards and vineyards, droppers install at a height of 30-40 sm from the ground.

The easiest to implement is the second method - on ground, but subsoil irrigation has many advantages. This includes direct access of minerals and fertilizers to the root system, lower water consumption, and lower energy.

Drip irrigation system include:

- Pumping station

- Filtration system (Flushing control performed automatically or manually)

- Water meter

- Fertilizer site (Thanks to this site, it becomes possible to provide plants with fertilizing along with watering)

- Controller (Provides absolute control over watering - watering time, volume of water and duration of watering)

- Piping system

- Distribution cranes

- Drip lines, droppers

Installation of a drip irrigation system is a complex process and requires attention to detail. The system includes the installation of filters with the necessary types of filtration, the exact selection of pipes for the main pipeline and the selection of distribution pipes, droppers of the desired diameter and the necessary water, taking into account planting patterns, soil composition, plants specific, etc.

We will help you

SmartAgro works with time-tested and reputable European, American, and Israeli manufacturers. Among them, the world-famous Israeli company Netafim - a manufacturer of drip irrigation systems.

All components of the drip irrigation system installed by our company covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, we provide a guarantee for all the services we provide.

We will help you turn the desert into a blooming garden!