Energy systems

Energy systems


Electricity is one of the important factors of progression all sectors of agriculture. Development of agricultural business base on modern technologies that consume electricity.

The power supply system is one of the important components of the engineering system of agricultural complexes. For the successful functioning of farms, a necessary condition is competent energy supply with the calculation of possible emergencies and disconnections from the central network.

We develop, implement and maintain the following solutions and systems:

• Structured cabling systems;

• Electrical and low current boards;

• Relay protection and automation system;

• Electric generator sets;

• Backup power supplies;

• Renewable electricity systems;

• charging stations for electric vehicles and equipment.

Our company pays special attention to stability, energy efficiency and electrical safety.

Solar power plants

Practice of using solar energy in agriculture is finding application in the world. Climatic conditions of our country, the use of renewable energy sources is a reasonable investment. Energy of the sun will serve as an autonomous or auxiliary renewable power source for your greenhouses and gardens.

We design and implement solar power plants different types and capacities.

Generator sets

Electric generator is a stationary or mobile installation, usually based on a diesel-electric unit, additionally including devices for electric power distribution, automation and control. We offer electric generators that operate on various types of fuel and are designed to solve various problems in the power range from 2 to 2500 kVA. Our experts will select an electric generator that will fully meet your needs.

Hybrid solutions

Our team develop and implement integrated solutions for power supply. We combine different sources of energy, such as power from the main grid, energy from a solar power station and a diesel generator.

On-grid and off-grid solutions:

  1. Power from the mains (as the main power source) + diesel generator (standby)
  2. Power supply from the main power supply network (as the main power supply) + solar power station + diesel generator (standby)
  3. Solar power station (as the main power source) + energy storage system (batteries)
  4. Solar power station (as the main power source) + energy storage system (batteries) + diesel generator (standby)

These types of solutions give you the opportunity to:

- save money for connecting to the main power grid (when your farm or garden is far from the source)

- protect your business from power outages

- fully or partially using sun energy 

- earn money (by giving away excess energy from the sun to the main power grid, in the near future)

- receive and use the clean and renewable energy of the sun, thereby taking care of the environment.